Housing situation of refugees in Hamburg
"It feels good, but it doesn't feel like home"
Catherine Barney,Tanja Drozdzynski, Harry Huggins
Nobody was planning on 500 newcomers arriving daily to Hamburg in the latter half of 2015. Hamburg has a general housing problem and finding an apartment in the city is challenging for everyone. The city now has to address the question of how to house this influx of new arrivals, mostly refugees who are escaping violence in their home countries.

One of the newcomers is Khabat Omar, a refugee from Iraq. When Khabat arrived in Hamburg, the city was still struggling to house refugees, which meant that some were put in tents. The tents are now empty and the phase of container camps has taken their place with new integration laws to improve the registration process.

We walk with Khabat through Hamburg's largest container camp to see if these changes are being felt. Between all the people in those camps waiting for the next steps, there is one question asked again and again:
How long does one have to wait to find a real place to call home?
Khabat Omar

Photograph: Philipp Meuser
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